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What I love most is facilitating workshops on topics I am passionate about and passions -well, I have a few!


Beginning my career as a music therapist and working with hearing-impaired children who were learning to speak, sparked my interest in helping children learn to fluently speak, read and write. Then, becoming a classroom and learning resource teacher and meeting my mentor Dr Fleurette Sweeney inspired me to learn about and share Singing English Song-Games & Techniques, an extremely fun way for children to build a strong literacy foundation. 


Of course, just like 'they' say, everything changes when you have children. When I decided I didn't want to be one of those complaining, teacher moms, I started my own forest school when I realized that children, when at school, are not spending enough time outside. And yes, being outside and connected to nature is another passion of mine. So, as an avid outdoors-woman, why wouldn't I want my children to have the greatest classroom experiences available! I became certified by Forest School Canada as a Forest School Practitioner and nine years ago started the Victoria Nature School Society.(


So that is me in a nutshell. Welcome to the Singing English Education Website! I love my life and feel so blessed to have learned from so many incredible educators and mentors. I am excited that I have so much to share around the theme of changing our education system and yet I feel I also have so much to learn! I really think this is the time for our education system to evolve and I believe it's up to individual educators to find inspiration to do things differently. Children today need to stay creative and curious and adding a bit more music and nature to current teacher practices are such fun ways to make this happen! Both music and nature are powerful ways to build safe and inspiring learning communities. I believe creating a classroom community where children feel respected, safe, and connected to their peers and teachers is essential to for learning to occur and for children to be able to explore and expand on their innate gifts.


I hope to connect with you at one of my workshops or if you are far far away or super busy, I hope to see you at one of my live stream events or online courses! 


Keep shining!



PS.  Join our Singing English Facebook Group for collaboration and inspiration!        

2019-09-24 PM Bonnie
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