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"I particularly liked learning how phrases in songs relate to spoken phrases, and how singing the songs will aid in language acquisition."

Christine Wosilius




How to Use Song-Games to Teach Children to Speak, Read, and Write!   

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Mondays: June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th. (2013)


(Time may change depending on where people are calling in from)

Space is limited. Bonnie wants to keep the group small and will only be excepting 17 participants for each teleseminar. If the class is full, you will be able to put your name on a waiting list.

If you are unable to attend one of the Singing English Education workshops, now's your chance! To enhance your learning, you will recieve by email, handouts as well as video clips to watch. Each phone call you will be given new song-games and techniques to try with students in your classroom.

What are teleseminars?

Singing English Education Teleseminars are used to provide information and training to educators interested in learning Singing English song-games and techniques. Teleseminars are similar to traditional seminars in content and purpose, but they are given over a teleconference (group phone call) rather than at a specific location.

Teleseminars are an emerging way to communicate and to provide teletraining, without the cost and environment impact of travel. The host of the teleseminar will schedule a specific time and date in advance to communicate with his/her audience. The audience can vary in size from a few callers to 1,000 participants.

These conference calls are typically recorded. There is usually a fixed period of time devoted to the presentation of information followed by another fixed period of time for questions and answers. Support is offered through workbooks and videos that are sent to the participants by email.

After registering for the teleseminar, participants will receive a phone number and pass code for the call. Regular long distance charges apply.

Never been on a "teleseminar" before? It's easy! Simply register below and you'll get an email back confirming your registration. You will then receive another email containing a special phone number and "PIN code." At the appointed time, simply dial the phone number, enter your PIN code followed by the # sign and you'll be connected to the call and able to hear Bonnie.


Educators working with children ages 3-10:

Pre-Primary-Gr. 3 Teachers   Kindergarten Teachers    Child Care Providers

ESL Teachers                       Literacy Coordinators     Resource Teachers
Special Education Teachers    Librarians                     Music Teachers
Speech/Language Therapists   Music Therapists            Parents

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