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This workshop was extemely valuable!

"Wonderful techniques that I can use with preschool and K-grade 5. I was excited to learn that I was using some of these techniques, but didn't realize it and how important and beneficial they can be! This workshop was extemely valuable! Thank you!"

Maureen Boudier, Montessori Teacher Vancouver, BC


Licensing Opportunities

Apply for: Personal Educator Licence | Private Studio Licence | Private School Licence

Personal Educator Licence
This licence is designed for individuals who are looking for a new, rewarding way to increase his/her income and make a difference in his/her community. Becoming a licensed Singing English Educator provides individuals with the training and support needed to offer Singing English classes out of their home, community centres or to schools as an after-school program.
Private Studio Licence
This licence is designed for individuals who own a music, dance, or tutoring studio/centre and are looking for new, exciting, cutting edge programs to offer current students as well as attract new students. It is also suited for entrepreneurs who would like to open a Singing English Studio in his/her community. Singing English classes offer opportunities for all children learning to read and write, for ESL learners, and programs for children with special needs. Be the first in your community to offer programs that reach out to include everyone through a fun, musical, oral literacy program!
School/Centre Licence
A School/Centre Licence is designed to support schools or learning centres who want to be leaders in education by offering Singing English Education Programs as part of their daily curriculum. Singing English is a research based oral literacy program that is quickly spreading around the globe as the number one program in oral literacy. This licence provides annual training for staff and valuable ongoing support through blogs, newsletters, on-line videos, and teleclasses. Using song-games to help students speak English fluently will fast track them to reading and writing success!