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"The experience you have with these techniques really shows and your energy is contagious. I particularly appreciate how these activities can be adapted for different populations and for children varying levels of ability."

Tracy Lowe, Music Therapsist, Victoria, BC



Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here's some interesting news that I received from the BCTF E-News today:

A report published by The Alliance for Childhood in the USA warns of the dangers from the change taking place in Kindergarten towards didactic instruction and standardized testing. A powerful statement calling for a play-based approach to learning opens the report which examines extensive research evidence into the negative effects of scripted curriculum, testing, and arbitrary imposed standards and expectations on the ability, achievement, and development of young children.

"The withering of imagination in childhood is a looming catastrophe.... Just as decisive action is needed to reverse the process of climate change, we must change course now to restore child-initiated play and learning to our schools and communities."

The full report can be downloaded at