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This workshop was extemely valuable!

"Wonderful techniques that I can use with preschool and K-grade 5. I was excited to learn that I was using some of these techniques, but didn't realize it and how important and beneficial they can be! This workshop was extemely valuable! Thank you!"

Maureen Boudier, Montessori Teacher Vancouver, BC



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music education is Essential to Development!

I like this article from because it brings up the important fact that music helps develop the left side of the brain; the part of the brain that processes language.

Singing English is an easy way we can make sure we are including music in our daily teaching.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Music education is not an extra. Music education is essential.

Some will argue that the problem with schools is that they don't spend enough time on the basics and that music is something parents should provide.

Music, we say, provides so many benefits that are applicable to the more traditional academic subjects, that it is a basic.

Consider this:

Studies show that musical training physically develops the left side of the brain. That's the part of the brain that processes language.

Students that study the arts learn to think creatively. That makes them excellent problem-solvers.

Music study teaches the value of sustained effort. Excellence is only achieved through hard work.

John Sykes, who was the force behind VH1's "Save The Music Foundation" said, "in every successful business ... there is one budget line that never gets cut. It's called 'Product Development' - and it's the key to any company's future growth. Music education is critical to the product development of this nation's most important resource - our children."

We could not agree more.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Girl Effect

This video is a powerful reminder of why we need to continue to reach out and support families around the world.
Thank you to all who helped raise money at the Annual SeaCowHead Fun Run in PEI this summer! We look forward to seeing you next year and raising even more than this year for Atsikana Pa Ulendo -helping girls in Malawi reach their dreams!

Watch it, send it to someone else to watch, and then donate!