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"I particularly liked learning how phrases in songs relate to spoken phrases, and how singing the songs will aid in language acquisition."

Christine Wosilius


Friends & Affiliations

The Passion Test -The effortless path to discovering your life purpose

Living Language Institute Foundation (LLI)

“LLI is a not-for-profit company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada that is committed to the support of children and parents learning through singing and song games.”
Many of the materials and techniques used by SEE were researched and developed by LLI. Bonnie Davison, owner of SEE, has been trained by Dr. Fleurette Sweeney, the founder of LLI. Bonnie and SEE are very grateful for the support and mentorship they receive from LLI. Check out this incredible organization to see other inspiring projects they are involved with!

A percentage of SEE profits goes to LLI to support continued research and development of materials.

The Harmonious Family Choir

The Harmonious Family Choir is a non-audition singing community in Victoria, BC, welcoming all individuals and family groups. Their multi-generational and multi-cultural repertoire includes a mixture of rounds, chants and songs plus some body percussion, dance and social games for extra fun.

Atsikana Pa Ulendo (APU)
This Malawi/Canada organization is dedicated to helping young Malawian women achieve self-sufficiency through education. Check out the website to read the stories of Memory Chazeza and Christie Johnson. Christie and her supporters are helping Memory achieve her dream to build a secondary school for girls in Malawi. Memory knows firsthand the impact higher education can have on the lives of young girls in Malawi. In reaching her dream of obtaining a Bachelor of Education degree, Memory envisions the day when other girls in Malawi, too, can reach their dreams.

A donation of only $85 per month will pay the tuition, room and board of a young Malawian girl allowing her to attend Secondary School. To find out how to become an Educational Sponsor and support in other ways click here.

Early Cildhood Development Association of PEI

The Junior Attractors
Brad and Matthew are empowering teens to create the life of their dreams! Check out their ‘Gratitude Dance’ and then do it!

Jambanja is one of my favourite bands. I put it on when I need to hear some ‘happy’ music!

Julie Salisbury

Julie inspired me to write my book. It should be published soon! Keep your eyes open for it! Check out her website for her on-line InspireABook courses.

Cryptogram Dictionary

A must have dictionary for the puzzle person in your life! Written by my favourite cottage neighbour in PEI!

Conscious Centred Community
Conscious Centred Community is a heart-centred community network serving Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.